iPhone 7 Bursts Into Flames, Destroys Vehicle

After Samsung’s Note 7 disaster, An Australian surfer asserted his iPhone 7 burst into flames and devastated his car.

image credit -7news

As reported by YahooNews, Apple iPhone 7 owner Mat Jones, reprimanded the contraption for setting flame to his car and devastating it. It began when the young fellow left the gadget under some clothes inside, while he was out surfing.

When he gave back, his car was loaded with smoke, with the phone having touched off and harmed the inside of the car.

image credit -7news

Jones recorded the molten stays of his iPhone 7 and the flaring jeans it was wrapped in. He has most likely it was the source of the fire.

The surf educator purchased the phone only a week prior and attested that he neither dropped it nor utilized an foreign charger.

image credit -7news

Tech goliath knows about the objection, which is right now under investigation.